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Pressure Sensitive Tape

For Bonding, Bundling, Damping, Protecting, Shielding, Splicing, and More

The great value of pressure sensitive tape lies in its unique ability to accomplish a variety of tasks simply and economically. International Tape Company (ITC) is pleased to offer an extensive selection of high-performance pressure sensitive tapes suitable for your most demanding applications.

Why Pressure Sensitive Tape?

1. Pressure sensitive tape will bond dissimilar materials to difficult surfaces

2. It is light, thin, and incredibly flexible

3. Pressure sensitive tape eliminates visible fasteners

4. Substrates do not need to be joined at the same time

5. Removable tapes will stick for months or years, and can be removed residue-free.

What do you need?

You need pressure sensitive tape that’s powerful and easy to use for your specific application. You might need a pressure sensitive tape with adhesion that grows over time, giving you more forgiveness to move and reposition. Or, you might just need something that sticks and never quits.

No matter what your application is, our experts can provide the solution that works without fail. For competitive pricing and tape that can’t be beat, stick with ITC.

Common Permanent Applications for Pressure Sensitive Tape:

  • Automotive Interior and Exterior Trim Assembly
  • Sound / Vibration Damping Films
  • Pressure Sensitive AdhesiveCore start up
  • Mounting Plastic Extrusions
  • Splicing of Papers, Films, Textiles
  • Envelope and Polybog Closures
  • Carpet Installation
  • Mounting Nameplates, Banners and Signs
  • Door and Window Glazing
Common Removable Applications for Pressure Sensitive Tape:

  • Resealable bags / packaging
  • Core start-up
  • Athletic tape
  • Bookmark and note papers
  • Business forms, Mailers
  • Masking tapes
  • Price marking labels
  • Surface protection films
  • Temporary mounting
  • Point of purchase disciplines
  • Signage
Pressure Sensitive Tapes

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