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Bond Paper Crepe Tapes

Double Coated Tape, Double Sided Adhesive Tape

Carpet Tape DoubleInternational Tape Company manufactures a complete line of double coated tape products including polyester double coated tape, polypropylene double coated tape, polyethylene double coated tape, paper double coated tape, cloth double coated tape, tissue double coated tape, and vinyl double coated tape.

ITC double coated tapes are manufactured with a variety of distinctly formulated adhesives applied to films, papers, vinyl, cloth, tissue, foam and specialty substrates.

Double Sided Adhesive Tape, Double Foam Tape

Polyethylene Double Sided Tape
Polyester Double Coated Tape
Polypropylene Double Coated Tape
Polyethylene Double Coated Tape
Paper Double Coated Tape
Cloth Double Coated Tape
Tissue Double Coated Tape
Vinyl Double Coated Tape

Pressure Sensitive Tapes

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