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Double Sided Polyethylene Tape

International Tape Company offers double coated polyethylene tapes. These products are hand tearable, making application easy and clean. The polyethylene film substrate offers an economical solution to many applications that require a good adhesion. The polyethylene substrate offers great conformability and a thick profile. Due to the thick mass of the polyethylene, along with our custom formulated adhesive systems, these double coated tape products are ideal for bonding dissimilar or irregular surfaces. Double sided mounting tape, removable adhesive paper tape

International Tape Company is a manufacturer of pressure sensitive tape products. We formulate our own adhesives in-house, which enable us to offer a wide range of adhesion tape levels, from removable to high bonding permanent options. ITC also coats various substrates to offer many different products to fit your changing needs. Please contact us with your application requirements.

Please review the featured tape products below and contact ITC for recommendations, technical assistance, or for a complimentary sample.

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Product # Description Applications
This double coated polyethylene product offers outstanding adhesion and great conformability. The 223MDWM provides great dimensional stability and bonds well to a variety of surfaces.
223MDWM D/C Polyethylene Tape
High Tack Permanent Rubber Based Adhesive

49#Mustard Glassine
Paper Liner

Tape: 6.5 mils thick
Liner: 3.0 mils thick

140 oz/in adhesion
  • Splicing paper, polyolefin & polyethylene films
  • Bonding metals, papers, paints & most plastics
  • Miscellaneous industrial joining, holding & affixing
  • Core Start Up
  • Carpet installation, Tacking of carpet edges
  • Bonding to Uneven or Dissimilar Surfaces
  • Holding grinding and polishing pads
  • High initial adhesion and good holding power
  • Good adhesion to low surface energy substrates
  • Excellent conformability/flexibility for curved areas
  • Easy handling during slitting, die-cutting & applying

Pressure Sensitive Tapes

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